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Walking Stick, Cane or Pole

More Canes to view. Pelican - Oak - Walnut - Maple - Sticks. You may click each photo that will open up to a larger image of each cane. Warning, the photo will take a little time to load onto your screen, but well worth the wait! Merci boucoup, mon amis.

Pelican shape created with  Oak

The beauty of hand crafted Oak canes.

Hickory wood & root
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0068.jpg (26469 bytes)  0073.jpg (16600 bytes)

 Hickory canes in both root and regular. The lighter colored can is from the Hickory root.

53 Inch Oak
Dscf0316.jpg (10633 bytes) Dscf0320.jpg (10507 bytes) Dscf0324.jpg (4968 bytes)
This 53 inch oak can can compliment any situation and it is very beautiful, wood full of character, a must see!

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Handcrafted Canes

53 inch oak root walking stick

Shillelagh oak club

Autumn Olive Blue Eye Root walking Cane
Walnut walking staff 
Pelican Oak Cane
Blue Autumn Olive Blue Eye Root walking Cane
This would look good in your hand !! more photos of this cane.

See the real point!
Check out the point on this hickory stick walking cane.

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