A few Caneman2 Visitor comments and kudos

Sometimes you have to look at a piece of wood a long long time, until you start to see the possibility of the object your hands can create
with your heart guiding you

A few Visitor's Comments and Kudos
from our customers and new found web friends of Caneman2
Appalachian Hand-Crafted  self-defense Irish oak walking Shillelaghs, Bishop's Crooks,


Jimo, I got the blackthorn walking stick on Saturday, as you said.  It's gorgeous, and I love it!  It is so much better-fitted for my height than the standard-length sticks and canes I had tried before, it's a comfort to use.  Luckily, as I mentioned to you before, it's not an everyday need for me (yet!), but when I do have to use it, I'm going to be very happy to tell anyone who asks where I got it -- and I expect people will notice it and ask, because it's very nice.

Thanx again!

Curt Marcus, Jr.

Dear Jimo,
I wanted to write again to say how completely delighted I am with this hickory shillelagh.
This noggin knocker is certainly something. Many compliments to you!
It is a sight for sore eyes.
Many many thanks. Best wishes
                                                                        Jesse Ball
     Chicago, Il                                   

This is a copy of a letter from my sister Pat for a cane I just made for her friend Elda in NJ

Just thought you might like to see what Elda wrote me when we sent her the cane...so nice to know your work is appreciated!
 Love Pat
Oh my goodness. This is just the most terrific gift! Thank you so much. Itís perfect. Of course, the kids think itís for them to play crutches with, but I just whack them up side the head with it and they stop (just kidding). I really appreciate it. Itís so much easier on the hand to have a handle instead of the crook in the old cane as I go up stairs. Thanks for thinking of me. And Iíll think of your brother and his business when next Iím looking or anyone else is for that matter.

In wanted a cane that could be used for support and
self defense. Hickory and oak are two of the hardest
woods suitable for this purpose.

I visited canemasters.com they have everything you
need as far as videos, canes, exercise bands. I bought
from Jimo, because the price was very fair and a great
quality product treated with tung oil for flexibility
and strength (without the $40 charge that cane masters
The cane serves both purposes well and was delivered
fast. I am very pleased with the quality and service.
Don Fogt 

  "Simply beautiful. I needed an old-looking shepherd's crook and the O'Rourke's went out of their way to provide it. Now I have a custom-made historic reproduction which is perfect for my book cover. It arrived on the same afternoon when I was writing the last chapter. There are no coincidences. Thanks Jim and Delores."
Pete Roller, author of The Crook'd Staff, An Adventure of Ireland and America                                                                  

Received the staff today. WOW! I love it! Most of the martial arts 'weaponry' (practice stuff) on the market is over-machined and standardized, taking out the natural beauty, strength, and good old feel of the original stock. I like things that are unique--custom is I guess the word today--and the red oak staff is certainly that. I can use it for hiking along trails with the wife, practicing my bow staff, spear, and kwan do forms for kung fu san soo, and if need be, warding off anyone or anything that gets too close when we're out and about. It's a fine piece, and I look forward to many years of fond use. I'll be sure to recommend your fine work to anyone who may ask about it.
I hope other martial artists will give consideration to using your authentic, natural, hand crafted products instead of slick, machine-made artificial products featured in magazines. I can't believe the original farm and shepherding implements from which the martial arts weapons derived were anything like our mass production replicas today. Also, the wood products you make (staff, canes, shillelaghs?) are all legal to carry--another reason medieval Asian peasants chose the weapons they did--they were highly forbidden too own actual weapons.
With warm regards

HARMONIOUS WARRIOR - Mark Kennedy | Martial Arts | Teaching
 Photo of Mark with his stick,Hope for helping kids who've been pushed to the margins.
Mark with his stick
Hope for helping kids who've been pushed to the margins.

Making one of our pastors Brother David, dreams come true,  to own a shepherd's crook.Brother David

Dear Jimo,
How can we as a congregation thank you enough for making one of our pastor's dreams come true.  To own a shepherd's crook.  I tell you that was the most beautiful crook I have ever laid my eyes on.  And when we presented it to him, he was left speechless! 
You and your wife did a most excellent job of crafting and engraving his crook!  The way you handled the whole ordering process was top notch, and especially doing all you could to get the crook to us on time for his special day!  It arrived right on time, just like you said it would!
It has been a real joy and pleasure doing business with you and yours!
May God richly bless you and the work of your hands!
Lisa Black 


Hello My Jimo, This is Bishop Sias I purchased a staff from you back
in January for my consecration to the Bishopric. You asked for a picture
I am sending you this one but I will send you several more. I'm sorry it
took so long but I have been pretty busy and with my computer went out
so I had to get another hard drive. Everyone really liked the Shepherds
Staff it was very unique to say the least, being handmade. Thank you for
caring about the craft you and your wife have. I pray tremendous
increase upon your lives.
In Christ
Bishop Darrell W. Sias  

  Everyone really liked the Shepherds Staff it was very unique to say the least, being handmade.

Bro. Jim sure you can use what you will, your work is excellent, your
style is unique. and yes pay pal is truly safe, I have used it from
other sites as well, it is a trustworthy site.
Bishop Darrell W. Sias

Hickory Shepherd's Crook
I would like to compliment you and your wife on your craftsmanship  and customer service. From the very beginning you did everything possible to ensure my happiness with your product. I felt very secure in making my purchase as I felt all details were discussed upfront. The price of the crook was very reasonable and the shipping rates and turn around time was amazing. The personalized engraving was such a nice touch and made the crook especially special. I appreciate all you didÖnot to mention the beautiful crook we gave as a gift. The person we gave it to was over-joyed.

Dear Jim,
The Blue Eye Walking Cane arrived today right on schedule. Dotty wants you to know that she loves the cane and the fit is perfect. It is a beautiful piece of wood and you did a wonderful job carving it. What does she need to do to keep it looking so nice? Thanks again. It is perfect.

Dear Jimo,
Thank you for the quick reply and the information. After reading the comments as you suggested, I have no doubt that your products and business are supreme in every way. It appears that your work delivers quality craftsmanship with a personal touch. Also, I am sure that your prices are appropriate and fair. However, I am unable to afford it at this time. Perhaps a door of opportunity will be open to me in the future. Thank you so much for all of your help. The website is wonderful and I will be praying for you and your wife as you labor through your illness. You are a servant in your own right.
Rev. Greg McClain 
Iberia, MO

Dear Bro. Greg,
Thank you for your very kind email reply.
Your prayers will be a blessing to us ,We can never have to many of them.
I would like to add your comments to my comments page ,Please let me know if this is ok with you.
The Lord works to open doors of opportunity in ways we don't understand !
I feel lead to do this !!
Blessings my Bro.

Hey Jimo,
I got my ďBig Mans Hickory CaneĒ,  WOW !!!   It is nice and thick, excellent wood selection, beautifully crafted, great finish, and has a personality to match.  I feel inclined to give it a name, kind of like my guitar.  You exceeded my expectations!  It is a master piece for sure.
Thanks so much,
Dave Wright
Avondale, AZ                                                                                                                                     


The root knob cane is beautiful and just the right size. Thank you again for cutting it down.  I was surprised at how little it weighed. I definitely will recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for a cane.              
 Kathryn  Dalton                                                                      

I just wanted to let you know that I got the Ironwood Shillelagh today. I like it very much!
I have other Shillelaghs made elsewhere, but I think yours are of superior craftsmanship!!
It is really rustic and gnarly. And nice and strong!! Good work!!!
I also just checked out the comments and
I see that everyone feels the same way that I do. I will recommend your sticks and I am sure I will be back.
Richard Kane


                             The Shepherds Crooks arrived and they are beautiful.                                                                                   I know our youth [Terri] playing the shepherds this year will truly enjoy them.
 They don't think the costume is complete without the crook.
 Thank you so much and what a blessing it must be for you to be able to create such beauty

Terri Williams
Director of Children's Ministries
Coker United Methodist Church
231 E. North Loop Road
San Antonio, TX  78216

I got the Butternut Shepherds crook  today and it is beautiful and unique! Thank you very much . .
You seem to be handling your affliction very well - bon courage!
John Gray



I received the heavy duty hickory walking stick that you had crafted for me today.  I found it to be of excellent workmanship and construction.  Thanks for your timely help in filling this unusual order.
Craig Maloney       

 abbeck1@aol.com wrote: 
Got my 43 inch Irish Oak Shillelagh today:

Hi, Jim,
The Ironwood root walking cane just arrived. Like it very much, it's rugged but you could use
it anywhere. Size wise. it falls between the hickory walking stick
and hickory regular cane. I guess  an inch plus should  come off the end.
Once again, as usual, you come through with a truly superior work
Best regards,
Ed    in   LI, NY 

Hello Jimo,
The ironwood
shillelagh just got here and it is awesome!!!!!!!
Thanks a bunch!!! Excellent Polish and Shine
It's a wonderful shillelagh!!!!
Thanks Again,

Greetings Jimo. Yes the two Sheppard's crooks are here. And I am sure that I

will keep the hickory one for myself. Both are real nice, but the Hickory

one just 'feels' more authentic. Thank you so much for helping me with

this project. I will be leaving the Oak one with this congregation to pass on to

their new
Sheppard. He is a good friend of mine and I am sure he will be

as blessed as I have been. Thanks, Rev. Rob...

Received my Hickory Shepherd's Staff !
It arrived yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful! You truly are a gifted artist with wood. You worked with the grain so perfectly so that it highlights the shape of the staff. Thank you so much.
Blessings to you,

The Retreat was awesome and everyone really enjoyed seeing your shepherd's staff. It worked great as a "gathering" symbol for the retreat!

you may certainly quote me on that! I meant every word of it!
And I'll also be letting other folks know about your website as well.

Your canes are the very best. I do not know how you do what you do to
hickory, but the results far exceed my expectations. Hickory is the
hardest and most difficult wood to work. I came across your internet
while walking (pun) my way through Irish blackthorn. When I buy
another, which I certainly intend to do, I really like the looks of the
cherry walking stick that I think looks like a snake. Above all, you
have been so patient and informative. A tremendous product.
Best regards
Ed Langdon

We received the shillelagh right on time. Thank you for all you hard work Ė that is some Oak walking stick!
It will become quite a coveted prize of the St. Patrickís Day Golf Tournament in San Francisco for many years to come.
Thank you
Hilary K.

Nice work!! The Shillelagh is very fine and immediately fit to the hand
I look forward to some good walks with it.
Thanks again. SDR

Oak Shepherd's Crook
I just wanted to let you know that we received the Oak Shepherd's Crook
on Thursday of last week. It was simply beautiful! We dedicated our
children's pastor and made him the shepherd of our little ones. It was
an emotional ceremony and the cane made it extra special. Thank you for
getting it to us so quickly.

Just want to let you know the cane arrived today...it looks awesome!!!!!! My girlfriend was admiring it ...she liked the
personalized engraving . I'll take it to work tomorrow ....my boss was interested in looking at it. Again, thanks a lot.
Big John

Received the Shepherd's crook yesterday and my husband is so proud of it! He is sure that Jetta (our Border Collie) will love it too!
Will save your contact in case we need another crook or a walking cane!!

The Shillelagh arrived, it is excellent. I can see why the doctor was disappointed about missing out on receiving it. Thanks for the great shillelagh and excellent service.
Best Regards,
Marty G.

I certainly did notice the caneman symbol
The whole production is just marvelous The hickory root cudgel is what I
would call a big moose. It looks like it would weigh about five
pounds. Seriously, until I got the cane, I never realized how dense
hickory is. As I said before, I am absolutely delighted

I did get the big hickory cane today. Itís beautiful and strong! Just what I needed. I will enjoy it quite a bit.

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