51 inch Irish oak shillelagh
51 inch Irish
Oak Shillelagh
Shillelagh oak club

Appalachian wooden canes

oak shillelagh walking stick

40 Inch Irish
Oak Shillelagh 

Shillelagh photo 


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Favorite Old Trucks



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Caneman2's Old Trucks here are a few photos I like, have owned and drove trucks such as these in the good old days hauling steel and truck tires most of the time.

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1949 Diamond T Pickup
1949 Diamond T Pickup

1941 Ford dump,1951 Ford Pickup,1936 Ford pickup photo I liked,and have owned and drove trucks such as these in the good old days                    
1941 Ford dump
1951 Ford Pickup
1936 Ford pickup

1953 Mack W-71
1953 Mack W-71

1964 2 Ton Studebaker
1964 2 Ton Studebaker

Here are a few web sites I like that involve old trucks:



If you're a trucker
or if you just want to know about trucking,
then haul your rig over to this site.

Diesel Only Records
Dedicated to diesel-fueled trucking' MP3 music.

The Truck Museum
Features various trucks of the VanNatta Family beginning with a 1938 International, and also featuring the "L" and "R" series Harvesters


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