51 inch Irish oak shillelagh
51 inch Irish
Oak Shillelagh
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oak shillelagh walking stick

40 Inch Irish
Oak Shillelagh 

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Welcome to the Caneman2 Wolf Section

I love wolves, check out my gray and Red wolf photos, learn about Wolf Preservation, Rescuing and living with wolves, wolf facts, wolves photos  wallpaper pictures and information on Reintroduction of the Mexican Gray wolf Recovery Program

My other  Wolf Links  are listed Below
Wolf Photos Baby wolf photos Look at those eyes More

Red Wolf pups  130 Plus photos
 Black Wolf pups 700 Plus photos
Baby Wolf Photos 3000 Plus photos
Arctic wolf
Photos 3000 Plus photos

Wolves to be delisted
Federal officials have a new plan to take wolves off the endangered species list.

A great wolf photo site, to see many
more pages on all kinds of photos
go to his home page.www.calsgallery.com

Gray wolf photos over Gray Wolf  14,000  photos

Circle of THE WOLF
Visit a random site in the ring or the Circle of the Wolf home page over 350 sites here !!

Red Wolf Recovery Project

The Mexican Wolf Recovery Program
The Mexican gray wolf (Canis lupus baileyi), also called the "Mexican wolf" or lobo.

The International Wolf Center
Teaching the World About Wolves it supports the survival of the wolf around the world by teaching about its life....

NOAA Arctic Theme Page:
A comprehensive Arctic resource

Arctic Fox
The arctic fox lives farther north than any other fox.

USFWS: Gray Wolf Recovery
The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is proposing to change the status of the gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act.

Timber Wolf Information Network

Non-Profit Organization focused on Wolf Re-introduction
Wolf Preservation through Education. NAWA believes that Education is the key to long term success of native and reintroduced wolves

I would like to share my knowledge of the family of wolves.....

Wolf Education and Research Center

Current canine taxonomy indicates that there are three species of wolves in existence today, all members of the genus Canis.

Wolf Song of Alaska 
Wolf Song of Alaska is a private, non-profit, apolitical organization dedicated to achieving an understanding of the wolf through education and awareness.

Wolf Pictures and Facts
out Sarah's Great
Online gallery of great wolf pictures and fun facts quotes from literature, and nice wolf wallpaper.


Wolf Recovery Foundation Den Site - Explore the World of Wolves! -
Updates on the Idaho and Yellowstone Wolf Recovery and Reintroduction Efforts

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